Southern Cross Austereo Melbourne.

Southern Cross Austereo Melbourne.

Modern Workplace Design – Melbourne – 3,000 sqm

The SCA Melbourne workplace is located along the iconic Street of Claredon, South Melbourne. The workplace, located over 2 levels, required a major refurbishment to its front-of-house, staff breakouts and meeting facilities to bring the workplace in line with the new SCA media workplace design.

Cradle Design provided a corporate design strategy and modern workplace design services for SCA in Sydney and Melbourne. New work settings, work points and location of business groups were developed to fully optimise the use of the existing workplaces. Through good corporate design, Cradle was able to create a contemporary work environment with interchangeable hub space for the team’s social activities.

The new front-of-house incorporates an updated reception, meeting and staff amenities. The boardroom has an operable wall that opens up to the main kitchen area, creating a large space for events and music gigs. Having an office layout that worked both professionally and socially was paramount, so an acoustic treatment of a music venue standard was installed. Cradle specified CSR OWA Opus concealed ceiling treatment to help with video conferencing, as well as rock gigs!

Cradle was able to create a contemporary corporate interior design and align with the team’s requirements by taking a collaborative, tested and well-planned approach to modern workplace design. The new kitchen, breakout facilities and modern meeting rooms adequately reflected the SCA’s media brand and entertainment style.

Further stages of work are planned for Melbourne as part of the master plan for the workplace and include works to the ‘world famous rooftop’ gig area.

This project is one of three recently completed modern workplace designs for Southern Cross Austereo spanning two states.

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