Rocks Brewing Company.

Rocks Brewing Company.

Hospitality Design and Fit-out – Sydney – 1,000 sqm

As one of Sydney’s boutique hospitality design firms, Cradle was engaged by the Rocks Brewing Company in Alexandria to create an industrial bar design that overlooked the brewery. With their current brewing facility in Brookvale, they were looking to expand their brewing capacity whilst providing an on-site bar and kitchen. The new hospitality design also included a dog-friendly 800m2 beer garden.

The bar layout design of the facility was planned together with the head brewery. Integrating the small-batch brewery’s requirements into the base building refurbishment, Cradle considered the intricate layout of brewing equipment, workflow expansion and planning for the open brewery, bar and kitchen areas. As a result, high-quality brewing equipment was sourced from the United States and shipped to Australia.

The hospitality design of the bar and kitchen were required to be an industry basic finish to complement the industrial design of the space. All brewing tanks and equipment were generally stainless steel for sanitising and longevity of the equipment. Keeping in-line with the core industrial design, concrete floors, exposed steel frames and exposed roof construction were a prominent feature of the space. All services were left as finished and exposed.

Using sustainable interior design materials, the bar and kitchen fit-out utilised reclaimed timber and metal cladding, the tables were also constructed of reclaimed pipe work and recycled timber tops.

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