MGP Engineers Sydney.

MGP Engineers Sydney.

Workplace Design and Office refurbishment – Sydney – 350 sqm

MGP provides professional building and infrastructure services across hydraulic, fire, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. The corporate workplace design and relocation to a bush enclave at Frenchs Forest was facilitated by the team at Cradle. The client asked for a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic that uses natural wood, light colours and simple details to allow the leafy outlook to shine.

The 350sqm modern workplace design incorporates open and enclosed work and meeting areas. With a streamlined kitchen and staff break-out space being an integral part of the corporate office layout, which also provides a relaxed venue for informal meetings. 

Material finishes were selected to complement and enhance the second-floor tree canopy vista. Natural materials alongside light colours and simple details were utilised to bring the Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic to Frenchs Forest. Feature plywood-edged shelving with dowel supports provide a visual honesty and an informed understanding of construction. To complete the office interior design, simple circular cabinet door pulls were used to alleviate the need for additional surface mounted handles. While horizontal bench and worktops finished in a pure clean white tied the various design elements together.

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