4 Pines Brewing Co. Brisbane.

4 Pines Brewing Co. Brisbane.

Hospitality Interior Design – Brisbane – 115 sqm

At the base of the well-known Nomads Hostel and just a small stroll from Central Station on Edward Street is a relatively unassuming venue previously known as Z-Bar. Located below the Nomads Hostel and fronting the hugely popular Down Under Bar, the venue showed great potential for a unique hospitality interior design. With the client looking for something more refined for a discerning city crowd, a partnership with 4 Pines Brewing Co. blossomed.

As the site was heritage listed, we encountered certain challenges along the way. However the building provided a wealth of historical layering and features for Cradle to work with. Although the proposed exposed brick by removal of plaster on existing columns was not supported, the Nomads owners were exceptionally determined and sourced a brick slip cladding system which was indiscernible from the original exposed brick wall.

The existing hospitality interior design needed some work but essentially ‘the bones’ were there with concrete & timber floors, exposed brick walls and an original hand painted sign proudly instructing patrons to ‘Drink More Milk’. After a brief renovation period, the venue was transformed into a rustic rocking boozer with reclaimed railway sleepers for tables, timber clad bar and keg stools, with guitar laden tunes playing over the sound system, which encompassed the 4 Pines Brewing ethos – unpretentious vibe, personable service model and an eye towards sustainable hospitality design.

The bar layout design of the space remained largely unchanged and the existing bar & banquette seating was refreshed with new cladding and fabric selections. A metal gantry in blackened steel was located above the bar and styled with ‘growler bottles’ and festoon lighting. Two large timber railway sleeper tables opposite the bar can accommodate up to 11 patrons each, while smaller existing ‘nooks’ were fitted out with timber shelves and high seating which allowed for more intimate spaces.

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